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Landscape Mode

Landscape Mode

Double Take supports playing in both Landscape or Portrait mode. Simply rotate the device during gameplay to switch.


Tons of features

Double Take contains many features that set it apart from the other games out there.

  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes.
  • Never get bored! New images are added on a regular basis.
  • Very User Friendly Interface
  • Compare your scores with your friends.
  • Contains Multiple Power-ups to choose from
  • Ability to play with High Definition images -- Ideal for tablets.

High Definition Images

User Review

  • Really satisfying gameplay experience. Be ready to end up on the edge of your seat with your eyes darting from image to image, looking for that last difference. The images and edits are high quality, and if I like one I can recommend more like it. I also like the short sessions because they fit into my down time, but I often get carried away and fit in a few more rounds!

    “ Taylor B.
  • My favorite childhood arcade game is now my favorite app! It makes me wish I had a longer commute. Still trying to beat my all-time high score of 10,000!

    “ Jessica K.
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